WWII-era big band music comes to TMS!

July 27th, 2009 by Wraith

The World War II era has always fascinated me.  It was a momentous time, with great suffering for people all over the world.  Yet, amidst all that turmoil, American music and cinema of that era was fabulous.  Big band music was especially wonderful: wistful melodies, melancholy, and yet full of life and hope.  So I’ve added a Rat Patrol Radio widget to the sidebar.  For those who are equally fascinated by that era, this should be a treat.  Be sure to scroll down the page far enough to see it.

I’ve also added a couple of wonderful new machinimas by Wolf Productions to our video jukebox. Wolf Productions is a one man outfit from Down Under who makes unique, fascinating machinimas of historical battles of WWII and the Korean Conflict, using only pre-rendered sequences from the games IL-2 and sometimes Armed Assault.

The Sinking of the Pola:


Strike over Sunchon:

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