Boresights for Aces High II

August 19th, 2009 by Wraith

Here are two simple boresights for use in the game Aces High II.  I tested these up through version 2.14.6 of the game and they work very nicely.


Blue_Dot is a simple white-on-blue boresight.  It was inspired by a blue-dot sniper scope boresight I used to use in Call of Duty 2.  Not too showy, but it stands out nicely against AHII’s terrain and sky (do not use the image above as the sight; use the links to get the usable version).


White_Hot_Dot is similar in size to Blue Dot, however it is a brilliant blue/white-on-red, laser-like targeting dot that glows white-hot against any background.  Place it over your quarry and you’ll literally light him up.  Based partly on the old “dot o death” boresight (do not use the image above as the sight; use the links to get the usable version).

Boresights differ from typical ring gunsights in that they are simple dots indicating where the nose of the aircraft is pointed–and that’s all.  A boresight will not compute lead or indicate when an aircraft is entering optimal firing range.  The boresight is best used as a simple indicator that, when combined with experience and good ol’ “Kentucky windage” (i.e., dead reckoning), can help the more experienced pilot find a gun solution in a maneuvering fight where G forces and control inputs are affecting such variables as the attitudes, lift vectors and angle-offs of the battling aircraft.  A boresight is not recommended for Jabo sorties unless one is very experienced in gauging drop points.

How to use them: Place either or both sets of sights, Blue_dot and White_hot_dot, in your Sights folder within the Aces High II program folder.  Each sight is comprised of the color sight image and its companion “alpha” image, which gives the sight adjustable transparency that can be set in your Options/Preferences/Gunsights pane in the Clipboard in AHII.

Once in your Sights folder, go to your game, and choose either “Blue_dot” or “White_hot_dot” (not the alpha versions) from the sight selection list on the Options/Preferences/Gunsights pane.  Adjust their transparency level with the slider there.

Enjoy, compliments of The Muskies.

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