Fri. Sep. 03, 1993



I think my handle is very far out. That's cool or hot or bad depending on your generation bias. It comes with a vision of myself in AW. I saw myself cruising around like the Red Baron watching for victims. Since I am new I would cruise the skies of Europe looking for wounded warriors trying to get home. Engine smoking, control cables half shot away, aileron hanging flipping back and forth like Heston in Battle of Midway.

Then down would come the SCAVENGER preying on the helpless getting some easy kills building up his score, becoming a DWEEB to be reckoned with.

Now the name is great. The problem is OLE SCAVENGER is getting his butt shot off roaming the skies of Europe. The only smoke I am see un is coming out the back view of my aircraft. The only control cables half shot away, ailerons flipping seemed to be on MY airplane. Something is wrong with my plan. I was thinking about changing my handle but DEAD DUCK is already taken and then someone might take SCAVENGER and I would never earn it back.

I know I'll change it to SC-avenger (Southern California Avenger). Maybe I could avenge other DWEEBS from the Southern California area. I could stay up really late when you EDT guys are very tired and then I can come diving down. hee hee hee hee

There has to be some way to make this handle work!! Surely I can figure some way where I get to come diving down. This sure isn't like SWOTL where I used to just come diving down alot. But you just wait, one of these days I am going figure out how to come diving down again and then just watch out!!!

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